Post-doc at Yale 2015-2016
Matteus Krappitz

Visiting Partner: Matteus Krappitz

Home Institution: Renal Fellow at FAU, Germany

Host Institution: Yale, U.S.A.

Rotation and Time: TRENAL Post-Doctoral Fellow 2015-2016

Details of visit: Matteus collected extensive basic research experience as a medical student while completing his thesis at FAU. In 2014, Matteus started his medical training in nephrology. Matteus has now been awarded a TRENAL post-doctoral fellowship to perform basic research in kidney disease at Yale.

 I have always enjoyed basic research as initiated during my medical thesis. In 2014 I have started to care for patients with kidney disease at Nuremberg Hospital. I would like to now expand my research skills to genetics. I have started my post-doctoral fellowship at Yale in December 2015 in the laboratory of Steve Somlo. In the long term, I would like to become an independent investigator as a physician-scientist in nephrology.