Predoctoral Research at Yale 2016-2017
Parisa Westergerling

Visiting Partner: Parisa Westergerling

Home Institution: Medical Student at FAU, Germany

Host Institution: Yale, U.S.A.

Rotation and Time: TRENAL Visiting Predoctoral Student 2017

Details of visit: 

“Thanks to my previous work with Prof. Michael Wiesener and Dr. Markus Schüler at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg I could instantly dive into research at Prof. Somlo’s Lab. It is a great pleasure to work with Drs. Sorin Fedeles, Rachel Gallagher and Matteus Krappitz who provided guidance, support, and mentoring on a daily basis.

Working at Yale School of Medicine was incredibly enriching, from the daily experiments and scientific discussions in the lab to listening to world-renowned experts at medical grand rounds and other departmental seminars. I strongly believe that this experience has prepared me well for pursuing my interest in basic biomedical research as part of a career as a physician-scientist.

Yale is an international and welcoming society which offers the opportunity to establish connections and share experiences with people from all around the world. There is an extraordinary amount of cultural highlights: The art galleries, the impressive libraries and sporting events, as well as concerts and performances by the Yale Drama School. I am grateful to the DAAD and TRENAL for offering me this opportunity.”