Predoctoral Research at Yale 2017
Marwin Groener

Visiting Partner: Marwin Groener

Home Institution: Medical Student at FAU, Germany

Host Institution: Yale, U.S.A.

Rotation and Time: TRENAL Visiting Predoctoral Student 2017

Details of visit:

I’m working in Dr. Shuta Ishibe’s Lab at Yale’s Nephrology department, which specializes in podocyte research. The opportunity to learn methods of basic research and work on your own project in such a stimulating environment is amazing and I am very thankful for Trenal and DAAD for making this possible. Whether it comes to its great tradition, beautiful buildings or numerous cultural attractions, New Haven is an amazing city in every aspect with a community of fascinating people from all over the world. The experience of working with world-renowned scientists and attending lectures by experts from all fields is incredibly enriching to my medical and general education. Therefore, I’m sure my time here will have a lasting impact not only on my career as a student, but on my personal life as well.