Visiting Professor at Charité
Chirag R. Parikh

Visiting Partner: Chirag R. Parikh

Home Institution: Yale University

Host Institution: Charité

Rotation and Time: TRENAL visiting professor 2017

Details of visit:

Prof. Chirag R. Parikh is visiting Charité’s Medical Department, Division of Nephrology and Internal Intensive Care Medicine from July 3rd- 7th, 2017. Prof. Parikh is Professor of Medicine and Director of the Program of Applied Translational Research at Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, USA.

Dr. Parikh conducts an active patient-oriented research program investigating the translational and epidemiological aspects of acute kidney injury (AKI) and other kidney related disorders. His major research interest is developing novel biomarkers of AKI. He is the Principal Investigator of the NIH sponsored TRIBE-AKI consortium that is conducting large studies for validating novel kidney injury biomarkers in setting of cardiac surgery, kidney transplantation, diabetic kidney disease and hepatorenal syndrome.

In Berlin, Dr. Parikh will visit several working groups at Charité, MDC and BIH. On Monday, he is giving a presentation at MDC about Phenotyping in kidney diseases for Therapeutic Development int he frame of the Wollenberger Seminar. On July 6th, 17:15, will give a talk at CCM in the frame of a joint seminar of the Division of Nephrology and Internal Intensive Care Medicine, FOR 1368 and the Institute of Physiology and Anatomy regarding Clinical Applications of Biomarkers in Acute Kidney Injury. Guests are cordially invited.