Summer research internship at FAU 2017
Seungjung Sohn

Visiting Partner: Seungjung Sohn

Home Institution: Undergraduate Student at Yale, USA

Host Institution: FAU, Germany

Rotation and Time: TRENAL Visiting Student 2017

Details of visit:

As an undergraduate student studying natural science, I wanted to explore different labs in a variety of fields. Having worked in a chemistry lab for about a year at Yale, the opportunity to work in Professor Wiesener’s lab at FAU this summer was a wonderful way for me to experience a molecular biology lab. With the incredible mentors in the lab, I am learning the basic molecular biology techniques such as western blotting, histochemical staining, and growing a cell culture. Furthermore, I was able to learn about whole exome sequencing and participate in the sequence analysis.

Outside of lab, living in Erlangen has given me a chance to explore Germany in many different ways. Going to the local Bergfest, exploring the nearby cities, and just getting to know the German students that I live and work with have all been amazing, and I could not have wished for a better two months!