TRENAL Fellows at the ASN Kidney Week 2018

Nearly 13,000 scientists from all over the world participated in this year’s ASN Kidney Week in San Diego. Among them were several former and present TRENAL students. Their abstracts got accepted and they had a chance to present their data and exchange ideas with other nephrologists working in the field.

Matteus Krappitz (postdoctoral scholarship at Yale in 2015/16, hosting lab Stefan Somlo) together with predoctoral students Tobias Staudner (Yale, 2017/18) and David Rümmele (Yale, 2018) presented 2 Posters:

Enhanced Protein Folding via XBP1 Activation Ameliorates ADPKD Due to PC1 MisfoldingAbstract


Disruption of the EF-Hand Domain of Polycystin-2 Ameliorates Cystic Disease Caused by Polycystin-1 DeficiencyAbstract


Marvin Groener (predoctoral student Yale 2017, hosting lab Shuta Ishibe) presented a poster on

A Novel Interaction Between Synaptojanin-1 and ZO-1 Indicates Clathrin-Mediated Turnover at the Slit-Diaphragm Abstract


Judith Kliegel (Yale 2018) and Sarah Burlein (Yale 2018) received ASN Kidney STARS Awards designed to stimulate interest in nephrology careers (for further information see ASN web site). Judith Kliegel was coauthor on a poster from her hosting lab (Lloyd Cantley):

Spatially-Preserved, Multiplexed Expression Analysis of the Normal and Injured Human Kidney – Abstract


Jonas Tschesche (predoctoral student at UCL, 2017) was coauthor on a poster presenting data from the group of Christoph Kopp, FAU Erlangen (Recipient of the Oliver Wrong Prize, 2017)

Detection of Na+ Stores in the Myocardium and Skeletal Muscle of DOCA Treated Mice Using 23Na-MRI – Abstract