Predoctoral Research at YALE 2018
Lisa Rubenbauer

Visiting Partner: Lisa Rubenbauer

Home Institution: Charite, Berlin, Germany

Host Institution: YALE, New Haven

Rotation and Time: TRENAL Visiting Predoctoral Student 2018/2019

I spent the first 6 months in Berlin in the laboratory of Dr.Felix Knauf. There I was interested in the link between oxalate and the IL-16 release from proinflammatory cells based on a clinical study. I was not only interested in the physiology of the kidney but also in the immune system. Right now I am part of Prof. Peter Aronson’s research group at Yale University for another 6 months. Here at Yale I am working on the physiology of different oxalate transport mechanisms.

Because of these two different projects, I learned many different scientific methods, have read countless papers, listened to many different experts and now I am able to develop own ideas.

It is a great honor to be part of the TRENAL program. It gave me the opportunity to develop an understanding of basic research and scientific practice especially in the field of nephrology. On the one hand scientific work means a lot of effort and demands a high frustration tolerance, and on the other hand it is an incredibly innovative, creative and self-determined work. Rarely before has anything taken so much effort from me but I am also having one of the best times of my life.

All the successes I have achieved so far I owe to the fact that I have been surrounded by a great team that has always supported me. At this point I would like to especially thank Dr. Felix Knauf, Prof. Peter Aronson, Martin Reichel, Robert Thomson and Diane Dynia, it was an honor to work with each one of them.

I wouldn’t say that I understood the whole of kidney physiology and its interaction with the whole organism but I can guess how complicated and extensive this field is and how many areas are still unexplored. TRENAL gave me the opportunity to make a small contribution to kidney research and I am grateful for everything I have learned so far.

Professionally and personally this experience was an enrichment. Yale is one of the most renowned universities worldwide and for a short time I was part of it. I visited different cultural and scientific events and last but not least made many new international friends.

I recommend TRENAL to every medical student who is tired of learning superficial facts. Here you have the chance to become an expert in your own little field and you also get the chance to gain insight into the research routine and exchange intercultural with other researchers and students.