New TRENAL Partner – MDI Biological Laboratories, Maine

The TRENAL partner YALE University is connected to the MDI Biological Laboratories, Maine (, an independent nonprofit organization, dedicated to biomedical research and education.In May 2019,  MDI Biological Laboratories became a new partner of the TRENAL network.

MDI Biological Laboratories offer a wide range of research activities and the possibility of participating in laboratories with diverse animal models and cell systems to define the genetic mechanisms underlying tissue repair and regeneration. The program is thus ideally suited for medical fellows to provide them with an up to date well structured lab experience. Furthermore, 1 week courses are offered on basic science research as well as biomedical innovations. The short time frame of 1-6 weeks, depending on the topic, allows medical fellows to integrate research experience and clinical duties.

MDI is located in a rather remote place and thus supports interaction between its international participants that go beyond the specific focus of the program. We expect the participants to develop contacts with international partners and to develop novel research strategies. Participation in the MDI program will thus allow TRENAL to realize one of its major goals, i.e. strengthen nephrology research in Germany by international exchange not only at the level of MD students and professors but at the level of young scientists involved in both, clinic and research.