EUKISS – European Kidney Summer School 2019

Around 100 participants from various European countries met in Zurich from 8 to 11 September 2019 for the first “European Kidney Summer School”. The aim was to demonstrate the possibilities of translating research results into new, promising treatment methods in the field of kidney diseases. The participants included medical students, scientific doctoral and postdoctoral students as well as physicians. As last year, the Summer School was organised by NCCR Kidney.CH and the TRENAL network, this time in cooperation with two new nephrological Collaborative Research Centres: CRC 1350 Regensburg/Erlangen and CRC 1365 Berlin.

After an introductory lecture by Professor Anna Köttgen (Freiburg i. Br) and a get-together the evening before, the lectures on day 2 dealt with tubular and glomerular function. Afterwards, posters were presented and there were further opportunities for discussion.
The next day focused on inflammation and fibrosis, acid-base and minerals, electrolyte disorders and epithelial function. During a joint dinner, long-standing contacts could be cultivated and new ones established. The participating medical students took the opportunity to talk to experts, some of whom were world leaders. On the fourth day, “Tubulogenesis and cystic kidney disease” and “New trends in kidney research” were discussed. On days 3 and 4, additional workshops were held to apply theoretical knowledge directly to patient cases.

The next European Kidney Summer School will take place from 2-5 September 2020 in Berlin.

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