AG Cardiovascular Transplantation Medicine

AG Cardiovascular Transplantation Medicine
AG Cardiovascular Transplantation Medicine
Dragun, Duska
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Our group studies the pathogenesis and therapy of alloantigen independent renal transplant injuries and the development of new therapeutic modalities in an experimental and clinical setting. The focus of our research is to increase the long-term survival of the graft and to minimize cardiovascular morbidity in transplanted patients. Moreover, we are involved in development of novel diagnostic tests and their validation in various contexts of renal and cardiovascular pathologies.

Research areas of interest:
• Role of agonistic antibodies targeting G-protein coupled vascular receptors in cardiovascular, autoimmune, and transplant pathologies
• Vascular mechanisms and interventions aimed at modulation of vascular injury during ischemia and reperfusion injury in native kidneys and kidney transplants
• Development of biomarkers to monitor vascular injury during acute renal failure in native kidneys and organ transplants
• Sex-specific mechanisms of cardiovascular co-morbidity in renal patients

We rely on ‘bedside to bench’ approach that allows us to translate newly identified disease entities or results of association studies in disease relevant animal models for dissection of pathophysiologic mechanisms. Animal experiments include highly sophisticated age and gender specific kidney transplant models in rats as well as different models to study the progression of kidney disease and resulting cardiac hyperthrophy and fibrosis (DOCA-salt HTN, Transgenic animals). Tissue analysis is done via histology, immunohistology and molecular biology. Different types of cell cultures are used for the elucidation of signaltransduction pathways.

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AG Cardiovascular Transplantation Medicine