Predoctoral Research at Yale 2015
Victoria Pfann

Visiting Partner: Victoria Pfann

Home Institution: Medical Student at FAU, Germany

Host Institution: Yale, U.S.A.

Rotation and Time: TRENAL Visiting Predoctoral Student 2015

Details of visit: Victoria joined the laboratory of Professor Peter Aronson at Yale University Medical School in November 2015. Victoria conducts basic research on inflammation related to uremic toxins. Victoria examines kidney injury markers to determine renal cell damage using western blotting, gene expression analysis and cytokine analysis by ELISA assays as part of her doctoral thesis.

“Having the chance to perform research at Yale University is a great honor and exceptional opportunity for me. It has enabled me to broaden my mind in every way imaginable: I am meeting students from all over the world and can actively participate in the Yale campus life. It has been an amazing experience and I am deeply grateful for this opportunity.”