Predoctoral Research at UCL 2018
Charlotte Gaupp

Visiting Partner: Charlotte Gaupp

Home Institution: Medical Student at FAU, Germany

Host Institution: UCL, London

Rotation and Time: TRENAL Visiting Predoctoral Student 2018/2019

After having spent six months doing research on vascular changes in acute and chronic kidney disease models under the supervision of Dr. Gunnar Schley and PD Dr. Björn Buchholz in Erlangen, I had the chance to spend half a year in the lab of Prof. Dr. Mervyn Singer at the University College in London.

My stay there will probably be one of the most instructive experiences I had so far. Apart from learning an incredible amount of new methods and techniques, I was getting a further insight into working in an environment with people from different scientific and cultural backgrounds and getting more familiar with the process of developing translational scientific solutions.

Whilst being a leading institution in research, UCL enables its students to take part in numerous different projects and groups, attend talks of widely known scientists and be able to work and study in some of the most imposing buildings worldwide. Apart from the outstandingly well supervised work in the lab, it was an incredible experience to spend six months living in London, one of the most vibrant cities worldwide, where the amount of possible activities and cultural experiences couldn’t be excelled.

After my one year long TRENAL experience I feel more than grateful for all the opportunities I was able to take and the enriching people I got to meet during these months.