Postdoctoral Research at Yale 2019
Marlene Weiß

During the past three years as a resident in nephrology at Charité Berlin, I worked as a clinician scientist. By joining the laboratory of Dr. A. Schreiber, I started focusing on ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV) in my research. In a joint project with the laboratory of Dr. F. Damm (hematology/oncology), I characterized clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential (CHIP) in patients with AAV.


To have protected research time, I applied for a postdoctoral position in the laboratory of Prof. L. Cantley here at Yale University. Using the technique of „Imaging Mass Cytometry“, my current project aims at further developing mechanistic understanding of ANCA-associated vasculitis and Lupus nephritis and potentially finding new therapeutic targets.

The TRENAL scholarship grants the great possibility to start off the project. At this point I want to express my gratitude for getting this opportunity. I also want to thank Prof. Cantley for his excellent mentorship, all the lab members who helped me adapt to the new work environment, and the whole TRENAL network in Berlin and Erlangen as well as the DAAD for their support.


Yale University does not only offer great laboratory facilities, but also an outstanding academic background with countless opportunities to progress and many interesting people to meet. I am convinced that the protected research time here will be a formative experience in my career as a clinician scientist.