TRENAL Fellows at the ASN Kidney Week 2019

This year’s ASN Kidney Week took place at the convention center in Washington, DC. Several former and present TRENAL students got their abstracts accepted and had a chance to present their data and exchange ideas with other nephrologists working in the field.

The abstracts of two fellows were selected for oral presentations:

Marlene Weiß (postdoctoral fellow at Yale in 2019, hosting lab Lloyd Cantley) presented data obtained in the lab of her supervisor Adrian Schreiber in Berlin: ANCA It Is –  abstract . Her participation in the meeting was further supported by the ASN STARS award.


Marvin Groener (predoctoral student Yale 2017, hosting lab Shuta Ishibe) presented  data obtained in the lab at Yale University:

Proteomic Analysis of Clathrin-Coated Vesicles from Podocytes Identifies Cargo Proteins abstract

His participation in the meeting was further supported by the ASN STARS award.




Data of predoctoral students at Yale, hosting lab Peter Aronson, Sarah Burlein (2018), Lea Jagels (2017/18) and Anja Lück (2017/18) were presented by their supervisors at Yale, Brent Thomson:

Phenotype of Ksp-Cadherin Deficient Mice: Normal Kidney Development but Delayed Maturation of Maximal Urinary Concentrating Abilityabstract 


Phenotype of Ksp-Cadherin Deficient Mice: Enhanced Recovery from AKIabstract


Hannah Schwarz (predoctoral student at Yale 2019, hosting lab Steven Somlo) together with Tilman Jobst-Schwan, presented data obtained at FAU Erlangen;: Biallelic ANKS6 and NPHP1 Mutations Alter Ciliary LKB1 Assembly in Late-Onset Ciliopathies abstract


Postdoctoral fellows from FAU Erlangen were supported by TRENAL to attend the ASN and to present their data as posters:

Steffen Grampp: The Protective Effects of Novel HIF_Hydroxylase Inhbitors in Renal Tubules abstract

Andre Kraus: Microinjection-Based Analyses in a 3D Cyst Model – abstract

Patricia Bolanos-Palmieri presented a poster on: Inhibition of Kynurenine 3-Monooxigenase (KMO) Alters NAD Balance and Mitochondrial Function in Murine and Human Glomerular Cells and Contributes to Proteinuria in Zebrafish – abstract

Janina Müller-Deile presented a poster on: Knockdown of Podocyte Nephronectin by Glomerular Endothelial Cell-
Derived MicroRNA-192 Leads to Alterations in GBM – abstract

TRENAL supported the participation of postdoctoral fellows from Charité, Berlin: Michael Dürr, Ana Najenson, and Martin Reichel.