TRENAL Visiting Predoctoral Student 2019 Lennart Brinkmann at Yale


Visiting Partner: Lennart Brinkmann

Home Institution: Charite, Berlin, Germany

Host Institution: YALE, New Haven

Rotation and Time: TRENAL Visiting Predoctoral Student 2019/2020


I started doing research for my doctoral thesis in Professor Michael Fähling’s lab at the Charite in mid-2018 and soon discovered just how complicated and interesting the intricacies of renal physiology can be. Furthermore, I discovered what impact having incredibly nice and passionate coworkers and mentors have on one’s commitment to the research project, apart from the project itself being interesting as well.

Hence, I was gratified when the TRENAL program enabled me to keep researching my project at the Charite for another six months and even provided the opportunity to research abroad.

Like numerous other TRENAL participants before me, I was fortunate to join the lab of Professor Peter Aronson at Yale. I was welcomed very warmly by Professor Aronson as well as his team. Because researching transporters demands relatively special methods like uptake experiments and considering I previously worked with mice, but now had to experiment with cultured cells, I had a lot of new methods to learn when I started at Yale. However, the Lab members helpfulness, patience and experience with mentoring students made learning said methods as easy and engaging as imaginable. I feel incorporated in the team and thankful for the chance to see how these distinguished scientists conduct their research. The magnificent guidance combined with the brilliant talks Yale hosts really helped me broadening my understanding of research and nephrology.

I am very grateful to all persons involved in the TRENAL program, the BIH and the DAAD for facilitating this extraordinary experience. Even aside of the excellent medical faculty of Yale it has been a worthwhile trip for an abundance of reasons, ranging from discovering New York to cheering for Yales football team to befriending my roommates. Thank you for the great time.