Predoctoral Research at YALE 2019/2020
Emmanuel Nedoschill

Visiting Partner: Emmanuel Nedoschill

Home Institution: Medical Student at FAU, Germany

Host Institution: YALE, New Haven

Rotation and Time: TRENAL Visiting Predoctoral Student 2019/2020


The beginning of my TRENAL experience took place at Erlangen University in the outstanding lab of Professor Dr. Mario Schiffer. Starting my path to scientific discovery, I knew little about medical and biological research, how to address fundamental research questions, and what methods I could use to answer them.

However, I was welcomed warmheartedly by everyone in the lab, and I have to thank my supervisor Dr. Tilman Jobst-Schwan for his patient and expedient guidance while studying mechanisms of podocyte damage in a zebrafish model system.

After six months of training and experimental research, I transitioned to Yale University.

Here I had the chance to meet two extraordinary researchers, Dr. Zhaoxia Sun and Dr. Martina Brueckner, both of whom are mentors and scientists by heart.

I worked in their labs in parallel, investigating which changes in the transcriptome of mouse kidney epithelial cells appear if the protein Arl13b is knocked out, required for the biogenesis of cilia.

The experience of making myself familiar with state-of-the-art scientific techniques, while engaging in an environment of a strong and supportive academic community, will sharpen my future understanding of research and human biology as a medical doctor.

I want to thank Prof. Dr. Mario Schiffer, Dr. Tilman Jobst-Schwan, Zhaoxia, Tina, Svetlana, Kathryne, Syndie, Jeff, Yuanyuan, Frederic and Lennard for your time and our delightful discussions about nature and research. I also want to thank Prof. Dr. Felix Knauf, Prof. Dr. Margarete Goppelt-Strübe, and the DAAD for having given me this chance.