Predoctoral research at the MDIBL 2021 – Franz Tiefenböck

I am a predoctoral med student studying at the FAU Erlangen Nürnberg. Before joining the TRENAL program in the summer of 2021, I worked for 6 months in the group of Prof. Dr. Mario Schiffer at the University Hospital Erlangen, where I got introduced to kidney research and where I learned many techniques on working with zebrafish as an animal model.

From August till October, I joined the lab of Prof. Dr. Hermann Haller at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory as part of the Visiting Science Program, where I was welcomed very warmly. During my stay abroad I had the opportunity to learn many new techniques for research with zebrafish, as well as further improving the skills that I had acquired in Erlangen. Collaborating with Prof. Ilse Daehn from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, I did research on the crosstalk between different cells of the glomerulus that are essential for the renal filtration barrier. Additionally, I got the chance to join many talks and meetings with different scientist from the lab and other research institutes. Finally, MDIBL was a great place to meet many amazing people to spend time with – not only in the lab but also on many hikes and trips around Acadia National Park on the island.

The time at the MDIBL has been a great enrichment for my thesis project and I am deeply thankful for this opportunity.

I would like to thank everybody at the MDIBL, especially Prof. Dr. Hermann Haller, Lynne Beverly-Staggs and Patricia Schroder, as well as everyone from the Daehn Lab in New York and the Schiffer Lab in Erlangen for their support. Furthermore, I want to thank everybody from the TRENAL-program, especially Dr. Heike Meiselbach, for making these three amazing months possible.